Nutrition & Food Science (NFS) admissions application - Fall 2021

Nutrition & Food Science (NFS) admissions application - Fall 2021

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To apply for the NFS major, both transfer and current Hunter students must complete this application (NFS-BS.) Submit only if you will complete the Chem & Stat prerequisites with req'd min. grade by end of December.
If you've not done so, see the UPH/NFS website to learn about the major and admissions requirements: (see NFS-BS)

Note 1: meeting requirements does not guarantee acceptance.
Note 2: Hunter's NFS-BS is not an RD/DPD program which @Hunter is at a Master's level. If you are seeking an undergraduate RD program within CUNY, see Brooklyn, Lehman and Queens Colleges.

Opens Jan 27, 2021 and closes May 20, 2021

You will need unofficial ELECTRONIC TRANSCRIPTS FROM EACH COLLEGE ATTENDED, both to answer GPA questions & to upload to this application. All unofficial transcripts are required even if transfer courses show in your current College's record.

* See explanation by most questions to verify you are providing correct responses.
* You may complete the application at once or in stages. If in stages, click SAVE & save the email showing your form link. Once your application is final, click Submit after which you cannot return to the form.
* Please be accurate when entering information, especially the GPAs. UPH cannot review incomplete applications.
* Only Submit one application.

Application review will begin approx. mid-March. We should email the decision pre-Spring registration, For those completing requirements in the current semester, we may grant conditional admissions pending prerequisite completion. Conditional admittance will be retracted for those who do not meet NFS course & GRE requirements---if doing poorly, inform us, and have an alternative major to declare.

Contact with any application questions.