Scholarships & Grants

Title IV Financial Aid:Academic Eligibility Appeal


How to Submit an Appeal
Submission of an appeal does not guarantee that your financial aid eligibility will be reinstated. You are responsible for the payment of your tuition. It is also your responsibility to be aware of the registration and cancellation deadlines.

Your appeal should include the following information:

1. a detailed personal statement explaining the circumstances that led to your not meeting the minimum academic standards (You may upload your personal statement below.)
2. how these circumstances affected you academically
3. what have you done and/or planning to do to correct the situation so that you can meet these standards
4. documentation to support your statement, such as: letter from doctor, lawyer, mental health clinician, etc. signed and on official letterhead, copies of changes of grade forms submitted, letter from professor(s) or academic department on departmental stationery supporting your circumstances
5. the completed academic action plan included with the appeal form