Cooperating Teacher application

Cooperating Teacher application

Thank you for your interest in serving as a cooperating teacher and mentor to a Hunter College student teacher. The support that a cooperating teacher provides a student teacher will help ensure that she or he has a positive experience in this early stage of what we all hope is a long and fruitful teaching career. Many new teachers report that their cooperating teacher(s) had the greatest influence (positive or negative) on their current teaching practice.

Completing this application/survey does not guarantee that the School of Education will assign you a teacher candidate for you to host for student teaching. Assignments will be based on the quality of your application, the availability of qualified teacher candidates within your content area, and completion of a short online orientation/professional-development.

Please make sure that you have reviewed the Hunter College student teaching primer that lists responsibilities and expectations for both student teachers and cooperating teachers before completing the application.


Kenney Robinson
Director of Adolescent Clinical Experience