ADOLESCENT & K-12- Student Teaching Application

ADOLESCENT & K-12- Student Teaching Application

Submit this form if you plan to student teach in Fall 2015. One way to determine whether you are eligible to student teach in Fall 2015 is for you to complete a degree audit form. Forms can be obtained at:

Please use the DAAF as a checklist, but do not submit it until the semester you plan to graduate. The final deadline to submit a Fall student teaching application is April 23rd, applications received after April 23rd may not be honored.

Student-teaching is a 5-credit course offered in the Adolescent Education Program.

Student-teaching is an intense learning experience that takes place in schools. It requires:

• An experience in an approved New York City public school that the School of Education at Hunter College works with. ( Fall dates- September 9* - December 23) *The first day is based on the presumed first day NYCDOE public schools will open, and is subject to change.

• Student-teaching is full time, five days (32.5 hours) per week. Student-teachers follow the daily schedule assigned to them by the school or cooperating teacher.

• Adherence to the NYC Department of Education calendar, which is not identical to the Hunter College academic calendar.

• Attendance at a weekly seminar.

• Participation in professional development workshops held at Hunter College and designated locations. Schedule to be announced. Please check the following website for updates:

Student teaching placements are in New York City public schools where Hunter College has fieldwork/student-teaching collaborations. Hunter College makes a good faith effort to facilitate student teaching assignments in partner schools that are as convenient as possible.

We do not have student teaching options available in Staten Island.

The GPA's for student teacher eligibility are as follows:

Graduates: 3.0
Advanced Certificate: 3.0
Undergraduates: 3.0

Registration permission is provided on a rolling basis from June 1 to August 28 once all requirements have been fulfilled.

Please make sure to follow the directions carefully when completing this application. All questions require an answer, but some of the answers will require a response of not applicable