Student Event Information Form

Student Event Information Form

This form is to be used for all virtual events and programs.

Events that require contracts, fundraisers, film screenings, etc should be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance.

In-person events, off-campus trips and off-campus events have been suspended until further notice.

The form must be completed by the recognized organization's president, treasurer or student government e-board member.

The Office of Student Activities(OSA) will not review or approve any events without all information and required documentation.

The individual submitting this form:

1- Takes full responsibility for the event and acknowledges that it has been authorized/ approved by the sponsoring group.

2- Indicates that all information provided is correct and all inclusive.

3- Indicates that copies of all contracts, agreements, flim clips etc. for this event have been attached to this form.

5- Acknowledges that the filing of false information will result in the immediate cancellation of the event.

6- Acknowledges that the club/organization may not proceed with the event until the OSA/Student Affairs representative approves the event.