Application for the College Association Fund

Application for the College Association Fund

To ensure that we are maximizing the experience of the undergraduate students who pay Student Activity Fees, applicants must follow the requirements stated below.


1. Approval Committee
The approval committee, The College Association, will oversee and review proposals for the fund. The College Association is a 13-member committee responsible for the supervision and review of Hunter College student activity fee supported budgets. The 13 members include four (4) Hunter administrators, three (3) faculty members and six (6) student members.

2. Undergraduate Student-Focused
The application for the fund shall be opened to matriculated undergraduate students, as well as Hunter faculty and administrators, with students receiving priority in their requests. The funds shall be spent in accordance with the CUNY Board of Trustees bylaws on Student Activity Fees, Article 16. The project must be for the benefit undergraduates students of Hunter College.

a. Any matriculated undergraduate student can submit a proposal, this includes: individual undergraduate students, undergraduate student clubs and earmarks.

b. The minimum request for funding is $2000 per project.

c. Given that these funds will vary from year to year, applicants with long-term commitment projects may only request up to 20 percent of the total cost of their project, or $20,000, whichever is less. This includes but is not limited to: hiring of staff, infrastructure and capital projects. Repairs, and furniture for student spaces, are also qualified purchases.

3. Impact
All funded projects must have an impact on the undergraduate students of Hunter College. Each proposal should indicate what type of event, e.g. social, outing, promotional item giveaway, etc., and the targeted number of students to be impacted.

Review of Application

1-The College Association Board will review all submissions and allocate funds to projects by a majority vote.

2-Proposals will be reviewed on an annual basis, regardless of prior awards.

3-Decisions will be rendered based upon prior awards and spending. Failure to spend previously granted awards and/or failure to provide proof of spending will be considered in reapplication process.

Important Dates and Application
Please submit all applications before the submission deadline (Indicated on the left) for review at the next College Association Board Meeting (indicated on the right).

Please note: your budget submission must pertain to and be equivalent to the amount you are requesting from this fund.

CA Meeting Submission Deadline
September 25 September 17
October 2 September 24
October 16 October 8
October 30 October 22
November 13 November 5
November 20 November 12
December 4 November 26
December 18 December 10
January 15 January 7
February 12 February 4
February 26 February 18
March 11 March 3
March 25 March 17
April 1 March 24
April 15 April 7
April 29 April 21
May 13 May 5
May 27 May 19