Living@Hunter Summer Housing 2019

Living@Hunter Summer Housing 2019

Application Deadline: April 19, 2019

The Living@Hunter Summer Application is due by April 19, 2019. Any applications received after this date will be waitlisted. Housing offers are sent on a rolling basis and based on spaces available. All applicants are allowed to live in the residence halls between June 3, 2019 – August 9, 2019.

Eligibility to reside at Living@Hunter for Summer 2019:

1. If you are a current Spring 2019 Living@Hunter Resident.
2. If you are a CUNY student registered for classes at any CUNY Campus.
3. If you are doing an internship in NYC.
4. Those who have graduated from a CUNY school within the past 5 years.
5. If you are a student enrolled in a summer course(s) in an NY college/university.

Please note that Summer Housing does not guarantee Fall Housing and occupants who are not accepted for Fall Housing will be required to move out by August 9.