2020-2021 Law School Application Grant Interest

2020-2021 Law School Application Grant Interest

The Law School Application Grant is based on merit, and intended to help students defray some of the costs of applying to law school. It is not a "reimbursement."

The Law School Application Merit Grant is open to certain Hunter alumni, as well as current Hunter students, who are applying to law school this cycle, with the intention of starting law school in fall of 2021. To be eligible for the award, students must START law school within 3 years and 8 months of the date of graduation (i.e. a May 2017 graduate starting law school in September 2021 will not be eligible.)

Students will be expected to participate in fall Hunter College Admissions Programming.

Note that to be eligible for the Awards students are required to participate in the HUNTER COLLEGE PRE-LAW APPLICATION WORKSHOP, the attend the 3 sessions below, (or request to be excused), go to the LSAC Forum (save your registration number) and work with our Pre-Law Office on their applications.

Campus panel with admissions officers
Session on how to network at the recruitment fair
Mock application review

As part of the application, students will be required to submit a copy the receipt for their law school seat deposit. These awards are not announced until after the end of spring term; participation in campus programming and consultation with the Pre-Law office on application materials is required.

More news and details about participation will go out in separate blasts on the listserv.